Reflections of My 2023 Tournament

I thought that the competition ran a lot more smoothly for 2023 compared to last year. I lost two days with technical issues with four of the bridge robots. The auto scoring worked well, and I also thought that the bidding system and convention matching of the robots for each game, was okay. However with some of the robot authors reporting back to me, this wasn't the case. I did have issues this year with some of the setups with two of the bots, which were known issues. This is always going to be the case while I an only able to have contact with 50% of the bridge robot authors. Thanks again to Björn Hjalmarsson for helping with graphical content and moving imagery for my 2023 competition. The MP4s created from the LIN files will still be done by Björn, and will appear in The Games Page in the 2023 Championships drop down menu, or at this link . Again I am grateful to the bridge robot authors and the Table Manager controller from the official World Computer Bridge Championships, who have all helped alot with advice and the support given. Thank you.
There will be further big changes next year, the format will be changing, and I will be moving up to 32 board matches. I will however go back down to 7 or 8 bridge robots, due to time taken for a match. If I get 10 robots there will be two groups of 5 bots to a divisionThe stand alone games will be scrapped, and the robots can only take part if they have Table Manager access for the games. There will be new rules for the robots authors that will be layed out in the 2024 CoC. This means that I will sadly also be withdrawing the bridge robot Bridge Captain 6.2, that I became the custodian of, after the author Bob Richardson retired a few years ago. Bob has asked me to retire it from competition. Lastly, thanks to all of you who took interest in this event, I was looking at my website analytics, and discovered that there were 365 views for this event, which is crazy for a minority sport. So thank you.