Bridge Robots Taking Part Provisional List

WBridge 5.12 : Yves Costel (France)

Micro Bridge 13.3 : Tomio & Yumiko Uchida (Japan)
Micro Bridge 13.3 has been withdrawn by request of the author

Shark 2.1 : John Vermehren-Norris (Denmark)

Q-Plus 15.7 : Hans Leber (Germany)

GIB 6.2.0 : Matt Ginsberg (U.S.A). Operated at this event by Christine Goulden (UK)

Ben 0.2 : Lorand Dali (Romania) modified by Thorvald Aagaard (Denmark)

Meadowlark 4.2 : Rod Ludwig (U.S.A)

Synrey (version)? (have approached me about taking part. ) Yet to be confirmed