Reflections of My 2022 Tournament

I have learned a lot from my first published year in 2022, and never expected to be publishing my competitions, and mistakes were made. So I decided there will be changes to this years competition, I have taken good advice, and listened to people to help improve for the 2023 event. Thanks firstly to Björn Hjalmarsson for giving me access to his website for my first published championships, and help with all his web publishing knowledge. A link is in the 2023 Championship drop down menu. Björn helped a lot with graphical content and moving imagery on my debut bridge page for the 2022 competition. The MP4s created from the LIN files will still be linked to Björn's page for this years competition. Thank you, Björn. My competition was nerver an attempt to compete with the World Computer Bridge Championships, who all have far more experience at such events than myself, dating back to 1997, as opposed to my 3 years so far doing bridge robot competitions and testing. I have learned a lot about the bidding issues with bridge robots using different bidding system and the conventions used. I am grateful to the bridge robot authors and the Table Manager controller from the official World Computer Bridge Championships, who have all helped alot with advice and the support given. Thank you.